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What To Expect

If you didn’t know, Music Go Round is the only franchised chain of music stores in the nation. That means each store is independently owned and operated by musicians who love gear and making music. Our stores are open daily, and we’re constantly busy buying and selling used gear.

Fortunately, we are not a cold dark warehouse that exists only to ship product. Don’t be offended if we take a few hours to answer an email or get you a tracking number. We’ve established the following process to make sure that you receive the same level of attention that our in-store customers do. If at any time you feel concerned, just give us a call. 


Receipt of Payment - If you paid with a credit card through our secure shopping cart, the charges will appear on your credit card statement in the next few days. Each product, as mentioned above, is processed from the originating store. If you purchased more than one item, you may see multiple charges from Music Go Round locations. These charges will add up to the total charge you saw in your shopping cart when you checked out. 

Availability - Since all items are simultaneously for sale locally, on a rare occasion an item will no longer be available as we may have sold the product in the store. If that happens, we'll promptly issue a refund. Please note that refunds on a credit card can take 2-3 days longer to post to your account. Be assured this is not a delay in us processing your refund.

If there is ever a question, contact the store that you are purchasing your product from directly. While most people like to email, the BEST way to get quick results is to call the store during normal business hours!

Testing - Before we ship your gear, we take the time to test it again to ensure functionality. We may even email you additional photos or call you to discuss the condition to make sure that we ship what you are expecting to receive. 

 You’ll find the “Quality Assurance Checklist” with the documents in your package showing the steps we took to make sure your product was fully functional before packing it. This extra step insures that you will be getting the item as described and it is in perfect WORKING order before it leaves the store you purchased it from. 

Please remember that all of our gear is USED, so we guarantee it’s playing and working condition. We always do our best to describe its physical condition with photos and words!

Packing - Music Go Round stores successfully ship fragile, vintage, and valuable instruments every day and we will take care in packing your order. We use proven packing techniques and quality materials. This extra care and attention to detail ensures the safe arrival of your product and makes EVERYONE happy! 


Tracking - We enter the email associated with your order directly to UPS.com. Please watch your spam filters or pre-approve xxxx@ups.com as you will receive shipping updates directly from them.

If you paid via PayPal, we will also enter tracking information on the transaction page, per PayPal user requirements.

Remember that all items valued over $250 will be shipped “Signature Required.” We do this to protect YOU from fraud! If you are not home, UPS makes it easy to re-route your delivery. Contact UPS directly with your tracking number for more info.

UPS Pickup - UPS picks up at the store Monday - Friday. Tracking is typically updated by 6PM EST. 

PLEASE NOTE: Your tracking number will become “live” in the UPS website search when they pick up the package from our stores. Please do not be discouraged if you check the UPS website immediately after receiving your tracking number and the UPS site does not “recognize” your tracking number. Check back later that day! 


Approval - You've received your gear! Go ahead and unpack it, BUT KEEP THE BOX AND PACKING MATERIAL until you have fully reviewed your gear and are satisfied with your purchase. 

In the off chance it got damaged in shipping, or isn't fully functional, contact the store you purchased the item from right away. You have 48 hours from the time of delivery. It is ALWAYS best to call us if there is a problem so we can address it immediately!

If there is ANY problems or questions, contact the store immediately…we want to help you and will work to come to the best possible solution should there be an issue with your purchase. 

We fully expect that the product you purchased will be exactly what you wanted! If it indeed is, enjoy and keep checking www.musicgoround.com for more deals! We have 30,000+ Unique USED products in our stores at any given time and it changes literally every day! 

Feedback - If you want to share something about your experience, please contact our corporate office.  

Email: mgr-corporate-operations@musicgoround.com

Please include the comments “Website Comments” in the subject line so the email gets routed to the correct staff members!

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Come and visit us in our stores! While we love working with you in the “Digital” domain, the analog version is even more fun!

Finally, thanks again for your purchase. We strive to provide the best online shopping experience and hope to work with you in the future!

Your Music Go Round Staff

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